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Name:郷家 神樹 (Shinju Gouka)
Birthdate:Jan 4
|x| Information |x|
|x| The Basics |x|

Name: Shinju Gouka
Age: 19
Birthday: January 4
Height: 5'8"
Gender: Male
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Dark brown
Dominant Hand: Left
Occupation: Aquatic Mammal Keeper at the Zoo
Interests: Architecture, Music, Literature

|x| Personality |x|

On the surface, Shinju is a calm, somewhat friendly young man with a desire to help others, though he is sometimes cautious around strangers.

He's the kind of person who can't watch people struggle without offering help, and sometimes gives it when it isn't needed, even if it were to put him in danger or likely be refused. As much as he likes to be the helper, he isn't afraid to seek out help if he feels he truly needs it. He won't hesitate to be friendly and outgoing, though he will try to keep a certain distance, so as to not cause his new friends any worry. He's never been shy about showing his emotions, but his recent experiences have made him more empathetic.

Shinju can be a bit jittery at times if yelled at or physically threatened. Though he is capable of defending himself, it takes him a bit of effort to actually force a conflict; he'll usually remain silent through any minor conflict, but should his or another's life be in danger, he won't simply stand by and let it happen.

Although he can fight if need be, he can't help but feel helpless and inadequate in the face of magic and the supernatural. Although he's come to appreciate magic users as people like him, he can't help but feel nervous around it all. This is especially the case with anyone with fire magic--as his fear of fire is extreme at best.

Though he is slowly beginning to recover from it all, he can't deny that the recent events of his life have made a mark that has changed him greatly and will never disappear. Even so, he does his best to keep together and focus not on all of the misfortune he's gone through, but on the things in front of him.

|x| History |x|
|x| In The Community |x|
|x| Appearance and Abilities |x|

Shinju is of average height, with a slim build and somewhat messy, layered hair. He is of mostly Caucasian descent, though he has some paternal Japanese heritage which shows through his eyes. He typically wears a watch on his right wrist, which helps conceal the scar there, and though he is fashion conscious at times, his wardrobe isn't terribly different from an average teenager's: t-shirts, jeans, and khaki shorts are among his summer wardrobe, and he adds longer sleeved shirts, button-ups, hoodies, sweaters, scarves, and the occasional pea coat as the weather gets colder. He wears a more formal outfit when he's at work.

Shinju has several scars; there is a rather noticeable one that runs in a line from his right shoulder to his elbow, but he doesn't do much to hide it. If seen unclothed, the two major scars on his chest would become apparent, though they are relatively thin, seemingly caused by the same sort of slashing weapon. He also has a thin, straight scar down the middle of his chest from his recent heart surgery.

Academically, he is excellent at math and visual art and fairly skilled in writing. Physically, he's adept at sword fighting and competent with the use of knives and pistols. However, at present, he's a bit out of practice due to the injuries he was recovering from when he arrived in the city. Because of the nature of the damage to his heart, he's hesitant to do things that might tax him, and prefers to stay out of dangerous or stressful situations.

|x| Relationships: Rekindle |x|
|x| Relationships: Canon |x|

[personal profile] dragon_lights Katsura Hadzuki (Ryoko): Friend. Although initially he thought her the cause of his misfortune, he came to see the cheerful and generous nature of the girl. He trusts her with his life, whether it be to save it or end it (as she nearly did, which then allowed him to be freed from Zekarion's control). Now, can't help but feel bad about what he made her do and he wonders how she's holding up.

[personal profile] flameoftheend Zekarion Altier: Living nightmare. As a result of his actions, Shinju's life was torn into pieces, and he intends to get his revenge for all the pain he's caused--not just for Shinju, but for everyone. However, he can't help but be fearful when he thinks of everything the man is capable of and the direct abuse he suffered under his "guardianship."

|x| Original character. Journal created for roleplaying purposes. |x|
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